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Our History

Originally founded by Robert “Bob” Maheu in 1997, Global Intelligence Network “Global”, serves the needs of business and gaming industries worldwide. After attending Georgetown University and obtaining his law degree, Bob started his as one of the country’s first 50 agents in the newly formed Federal Bureau of Investigation where he worked as a counter-intelligence officer in Europe during World War II. Subsequent to his time with the Bureau, Bob founded Maheu Associates in Washington DC where the Central Intelligence Agency became one of his most prominent clients along with Howard Hughes. GLOBAL has maintained a presence in the Las Vegas community as well as a domestic and international presence for the past twenty years. The staff at GLOBAL takes pride in building sustainable relationships with all clients and ensuring that our ethical values are embodied in all the services we perform and the truth is the goal of our investigative process.

In primis, hominis est propria VERI inquisitio atque investigato.”
(Before all other things, man is distinguished by his pursuit and investigation of TRUTH.)

-Marcus Tullius Cicero