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About Us

Global Intelligence Network embodies two distinct lines of investigative services through Legacy Investigations (“Legacy”) and Quality Service Investigation Specialists (“QSI”), both d.b.a.’s of Global Intelligence Network. 

We are a compliance, intelligence, investigation, and consulting firm providing services to our clients since 1997.

Our primary area of focus is the domestic United States, where we offer service coverage with resources developed over 23 years in business. Global offers skilled professionals with backgrounds in U.S. law enforcement, corporate, accounting, and high-end hospitality management. Each member of the Global Team of experts provides a superior level of performance and ethics in the performance of their engagements.  We have extensive experience in conducting complex investigations in a customized and cost-effective form that meets the needs of our client(s).

Global Intelligence Network Services

Our Specialties

Background Screening
Our Background Screening Services are extensive and confidential. We help our clients mitigate potential risks before they hire an executive, enter a business relationship, fund an investment, elect a board member or need to better understand a pre-existing relationship.

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Vendor | Supplier Investigations

Third-party liability resulting from the actions of those you hire makes vendor, supplier, and contractor screening an absolute necessity. Not screening could certainly lead to regrets or business operations that have been damaged by unsavory vendors or contractors.

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Internal Investigations
Global Intelligence has a network of highly qualified investigators throughout the world, all in a position to provide investigations, license verifications, and background checks for individuals and companies seeking to do business with our clients.

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Our services can be used throughout a case, from pretrial to post-judgment phases.  Intelligence-based experts whose analysis makes the difference when screening defendants, expert witnesses, or other parties.

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Asset Searches
Global Intelligence Network has the capability of performing asset searches both domestically and internationally.  We are very experienced in “following the money”, which provides answers to many questions.  We also have resources in various parts of the world where asset searches can be conducted.

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Employee Integrity

Integrity in business, or the lack thereof, can have a significant impact on the long-term success of any business and has a direct impact on your bottom line. Global Intelligence offers a variety of resources to businesses who want to mitigate losses and protect against potentially harmful employees.

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Investment Due Diligence
High stakes business transactions require in-depth due diligence that leverages timely reporting and human analysis. GLOBAL performs comprehensive due diligence on individuals and entities in order to alert clients to risks, disclosure issues, and potential negotiation points. We help you anticipate potential problems and avoid damage to your finances and reputation.

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Domestic Investigations
Domestic investigations can provide information or evidence regarding many types of personal matters. Using a professional investigator will ensure that all relevant information is confidentially obtained in a legal manner, protecting you and your family.

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Non-compete Agreements
The advantages to using non-compete agreements that may not be apparent until it is too late. Business owners should think about protecting their business in advance. If you are looking to protect your company’s proprietary information while also limiting potential direct competition, Global Intelligence can help you.

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Patent Infringement
Patent infringement is common and is becoming more common as new products are designed, developed, perfected, assembled, manufactured, distributed, sold and used in dozens of countries.

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"In primis, hominis est propria VERI inquisito ataque investigato"

(Before all other things, man is distinguished by his pursuit and investigation of TRUTH)