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Asset Searches

With globalization comes the increased movement of assets. Funds can easily be moved from one country to another in an instant, and the increasingly evident offshore finance means that it can be quite simple to set up complex corporate structures, with the intent of hiding real ownership of assets. Working with Global Intelligence Network leverages our more than two decades of experience to get to the money and get the answers you need.

We have been involved in many unique and complex international asset searches over the last 20 years. Our President Richard Beasley retired from the Las Vegas Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Supervisory Special Agent in 2011, with over 25 years of service. Mr. Beasley was involved in the preparation and presentation of hundreds of indictments, as well as dozens of hearings and trials in Federal court. Additionally, he supervised the Las Vegas Division’s squad which investigated Public Corruption, Civil Rights, and Health Care Fraud. After Ms. Beasley retired, he became a contractor for the FBI, and handled Asset Forfeiture investigations, utilizing his financial background to locate and seize assets pursuant to Federal asset forfeiture statutes.

Global Intelligence Network has a proven track record of identifying previously unknown or hidden assets. Our extensive experience includes multi-jurisdictional investigations, creditor-unfriendly jurisdictions, complex investment group structures and nominee and alter ego companies.

We help our clients identify:

  • Real or Personal Property
  • Motor Vehicles, Aircraft and Watercraft
  • Ownership or Interest in Corporations, LLCs, LLPs, etc.
  • Trademarks or Service Marks, Patents
  • UCC Interests
  • Judgments, Liens, Bankruptcies
  • Checking and Savings Accounts
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • IRAs and Retirement Accounts
  • Offshore Accounts
  • Stock Accounts

GLOBAL’s experts include teams with backgrounds in financial investigation, law enforcement, forensic accounting, and internal investigations. Our assets search investigation can be used to help recover money owed to you. This type of investigation is used by both individuals, businesses, and attorneys who have obtained a judgment.

We search traditional assets and we check recent assets transfers linked to businesses, relative and associates.  We also search for employment, corporate and business affiliations, liens and judgments, bankruptcy filing and UCC filings.