About Global Intelligence Network

Global Intelligence Network embodies two distinct lines of investigative services through Legacy Investigations (“Legacy”) and Quality Service Investigation Specialists (“QSI”) both d.b.a.’s of Global Intelligence Network. 

We are a compliance, intelligence, investigation, and consulting firm providing services to our clients since 1997. Our primary area of focus is the domestic United States, where we offer service coverage with resources developed over 23 years in business. Global offers skilled professionals with backgrounds in U.S. law enforcement, corporate, accounting, and high-end hospitality management. Each member of the Global Team of experts provides a superior level of performance and ethics in the performance of their engagements.  We have extensive experience in conducting complex investigations in a customized and cost-effective form that meets the needs of our client(s).

Legacy provides private investigative and forensic accounting services to all areas of industry and individuals.  Our investigative history of services includes business and individual background reporting; business due diligence; regulatory compliance. We also conducted traditional private investigations, including asset searches, forensic accounting and analysis, surveillance, employee integrity, domestic investigations, insurance claims, and a variety of other cases.

QSI Specialists provides focused customer experience and integrity evaluation services for the purpose of identifying business areas of potential improvement and/or risk exposure.  Each service analysis is fully tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and their industry. The investigative process in general produces an unbiased customer analysis derived from the investigator’s experience.  The information gathered provides insight as to how the client is perceived from a consumer’s perspective; the quality of service provided; and the level to which service internal standards are implemented. Our service investigation and analysis provides actionable data and information that can be utilized to build, customer satisfaction, employee morale, and ultimately, bottom-line profit.

For over 20 years, GLOBAL Intelligence Network has served the gaming industry through regulatory due diligence and pre-employment background investigations in over 80 countries.  While much of GLOBAL’s clientele was gaming-related, more traditional private investigations such as missing persons, asset searches, surveillance, insurance fraud, and workman compensation claims have always been part of our repertoire.