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Employee Integrity

Integrity Matters

Employee theft or fraud can be devastating to a business.  Outsiders are not the only ones who can harm your business. The greatest cause of risk can come from inside your organization, where you may not often expect it. Owners and managers of a business must be able to trust their employees.  If there is any question about an employee’s integrity, Global Intelligence Network may be able to help.  Strategic surveillance, an undercover contact, a forensic accounting review, or a good interview could all go a long way in solving and/or preventing employee theft or fraud.  Additionally, QSI Specialists, a division of GLOBAL, is a customer service evaluation and audit service, able to customize a program to address whatever situation your business may be experiencing, using live “evaluators” to interact with your employees, while recording the entire interaction.  Internal Investigations can prove to be a vital part of any security program. Insider threats can cause tremendous damage, potentially much more than an external thief.

If you’re considering hiring a key executive or employee, such as an office manager, accountant, or anyone else who may have access to the internal records or bank accounts of your business, consider conducting a discreet background investigation. 

If your business is experiencing unexplained shortages, missing deposits, missing records, or is just having financial problems for no apparent reason, give us a call. 

From surveillance to interviews, to forensic accounting, we have a number of resources and techniques to help identify and solve the problem.