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Domestic Investigations

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The term  ”domestic investigation” refers to a wide range of personal, home and family-related investigative activities. Any issue related to a client’s spouse, immediate family, or other close relations is considered a domestic investigation.

Domestic investigations can range from marital infidelity to a variety of family matters involving loved ones. There are times when it becomes necessary for one to further explore the whereabouts, activities and interactions to verify a person’s given trust. We are faced with many decisions and circumstances when trying to determine truth from deception. GLOBAL’s domestic investigation services can provide objective information about those with whom we are involved personally during this very difficult time. 

Global Intelligence can assist in determining if that loved one is continuing to engage in destructive behavior, be it cheating, gambling, or drug abuse.  Global will attempt to obtain evidence on video, so you see what our investigators see.  As with all of Global’s investigations, sensitivity and confidentiality are of paramount importance.

We investigate infidelity, adultery or cheating spouses for divorce and custody battles. We get to the truth. We are expert surveillance investigators of infidelity who are local and well-respected in Las Vegas, NV.