About Global Intelligence Network

Global Intelligence Network has been incorporated in Nevada since 1996 and has a seasoned staff that encompasses over 150 years of investigative, law enforcement and intelligence experience. We have conducted background investigations of individuals and companies for governmental compliance, regulatory due diligence, pre-employment backgrounds and employee re-evaluations in over 80 countries. Investigations relating to sensitive business decisions such as mergers and acquisitions or corporate appointments often are outsourced to Global Intelligence Network.

Global’s clients are diverse; investigations performed include those for gaming manufacturers and suppliers, hotels and casinos, Indian Nations, individual States for gaming licenses, attorneys and others wishing to have the tools to make sound business decisions.

Global Intelligence participated in both the Clark County and City of Henderson Water Districts post-9/11 Threat Assessment studies. We have a fully staffed tactical operation division, which has provided services to top level gaming executives here in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

Global has conducted numerous investigations for Native American casinos. We have investigated vendors, management companies, and key employees for those clients. We maintain an excellent relationship with the California Department of Justice Gaming Division and with many Native American compliance officers.

In addition to being president of the Nevada Society of Professional Investigators, our Managing Director, Peter Maheu, has written articles, lectured and taught classes on various subjects including international organized crime, business fraud, and corporate compliance issues. Peter has spoken to various groups including the California Department of Justice, California Under-Sheriff’s Organization, International Masters of Gaming Law, and the North American Gaming Regulators. He is the former president of Trademark Protection Services, which for a number of years was the largest anti-counterfeiting firm of its kind in the US. At the present time Peter is a former member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Use of Force Review Board.